Software Background


Programming   and Applications Experience


TANDEM, C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, JIRA and “all things Tandem”   Proximus Telecom, Brussels
software development on Tandem (HP Nonstop X-Series ) servers. Telecoms, Billing,


Linux, Windows, Python, Wagtail/Django, Selenium, Gitlab Re-Build CWI’s Website
2020-2021 Windows, .NET, Python, Selenium Sport’s Ticketing Application
2019-2020 Linux, Python 3, PHP7 Self, private projects ( Raspberry Pi)
2018 Windows,, #C, Visual Studio, Android Studio supporting fax/scanning/imaging product
2018 Linux, Python Linux OS support
2015-2017 C, LINUX,SQL/INGRES, SVN, JIRA,  Electronic Payments processing
2014 EXCEL, WORD, VBA Business Transition & Transformation
2012-2014 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, XML,TCP/IP, ECLIPSE, SVN, EXCEL, WORD Electronic Payments processing
2011-2012 Objective-C ( Apple MAC) IPHONE application development
2010 – 2011 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL,  TCP/IP KPN Mobile Network   Provisioning Application, Technical Applications Management
2009-2010 Objective-C ( Apple MAC) IPHONE application development
2007-2009 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, TCP/IP KPN Mobile Network   Provisioning Application; Technical Applications Management
2006-2007 PL/SQL, EXCEL, TOAD, AIX Oracle Back-Office application
2006 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, Securities Reporting Application
2005 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, Data Migration project
2003-2005 C,   VBSCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT Website construction, Documentation code snippets,   Help Authoring
2001-2002 TACL Developed System’s Management utilities. Managed MQ   series environment, and remote server links. 
2000-2001 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, TAL,  TACL, TCP/IP Developed Security TCI/IP interface, VisaNet   Gateway. Implemented database update procedures, using SQL
1998-1999 C, COBOL, TACL, SQL, TAL, TCP/IP, X.25 Call Center TCI/IP interface,  Remote Server interface using SQL   database, Telebanking interface. Smartphone interface using LAPB over X.25, File   Transfer application with Enscribe database.
1997-1998 C, TACL System configuration utilities, Managed ITP   Webserver environment (underTandem’s Unix personality) 
1995-1997 C,  TAL,  TACL Telebanking API, Smartphone interface, chipcard   interface, Call    Center voice response   application
1994-1995 C,  TACL, X.25 Telephone call wake-up Service, Telephone call   answering Service, X.25 interface. Implemented many Enscribe database   functions. 
1993-1994 TACL Computer Operation Management Interface
1992-1993 TAL, COBOL,  SCOBOL Technical Services support, System’s management,   Staff training
1992-1993 DBASE IV reader market survey results utilities
1989-1992 sales support work  project planning / costing utilities
1987-1990 TAL, X.25 X.25 Gateway   prototyping. cryptographic services subsystem, various OSI/X.25 banking   messaging interfaces
1987 TAL, COBOL, SCOBOL Stock Exchange dealing system design prototyping.   used Enscribe database facilities
1986-1987 PL1, Assembly Language (IBM) banking transactions message switch, using SNA
1982-1984 TAL, COBOL, SCOBOL,X.25 Rabobank OSI / X.25 banking communications gateway, TSB Chaps interface   using !BM 2780, Bank of England   Chaps interface, Barclays Chaps interface, message switching
1978   – 1982 Assembly Language (Honeywell) Data Concentrator sub-system, network printer   sub-system, Point of Sale data collection using IBM 2780
1977-1978 Assembly Language, Fortran (Dec) Operating system maintenance, 3D graphics support,   magnetic tape conversion utilities, remote access via 2780. Enhanced spooler   and batch Queuing systems
1974-1977 COBOL, Assembly Language (Dec) Self education while working as shift leader
1970-1974 Student   – Basic, Fortran  (Dec) Student engineering projects