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Eddy Verstraaten Owner at InnovaApps. April 1, 2019, Eddy managed Tony directly at iXware
I have worked with Tony for a few months and find that he is a real team player always looking for challenges to improve himself and he is always looking for a challenge to learn new things. Give him a new project and he will not sleep before he knows how it works…. as a matter of speak of course


Menno Van Zundert Managing Director at iXware. February 28, 2019, Menno managed Tony directly

Having Tony on the team with iXware was great. Tony was part of our development team and I haven’t managed him directly in this team. My impression of Tony is that he is very experienced and uses that in his day to day job. Besides that he is a good team player and dedicated to his work. It is always great to see someone with such a drive!


Dennis Pellekooren Software developer / Senior engineer. February 12, 2019, Tony worked with Dennis in the same group

Tony has a lot of technical knowledge and experience in different kind of environment. Tony is a hard worker and will go on until he has found a solution. We worked together in a new environment for him and he was learning it quick. I enjoyed brainstorming for solutions.    


John Nooijen, SAFe product owner at ASML, September 6, 2018, John managed Tony directly

Tony joined my software team almost a year ago. He worked on Linux applications for computer systems of ASML’s lithography machines. He quickly adapted to the processes used within the software department. His positive and collaborative attitude was helping the team, which consisted of software engineers of many different nationalities, to grow. His humor led to a more pleasant atmosphere. I have enjoyed working with Tony and I value dearly his contribution to accomplish the goals of our project.

Marc De Loore   Head of Issuing Front Office Solutions Development Team at Atos Worldline

Tony has a wealth of experience, knowledge and and recommendations I can only endorse and repeat. Besides his commitment to the job and to the work to be done, I really appreciated Tony’s motivation to acquire new expertise and knowledge. Not only a great performer, Tony is an amazing learner. Tony spared no efforts to dive into our development process for HP NonStop  involving workstation based tools like Eclipse, SVN, cross compilers and Visual Inspect.
I highly recommend him.


Robert Elting    Ketenmanager at Harvey Nash August 2, 2011, Robert worked with Tony at KPN / AtosOrigin

Tony is a colleague who understands his job well and always willing to help. He is technically very sound and always has a solution for bugs.It was great working with him and I would certainly like to work with him again.  Wish you luck for everything you do.


 Thijs Broers     Engineer at KPN July 7, 2011, Thijs worked with Tony at KPN / AtosOrigin

Tony is an expert in his field. He not only knows everything about provisioning, he combines his knowledge with an amazing drive to deliver as fast as possible and with great quality. Furthermore, he truly is a nice person to work with.

 Aegle Frieswijk   Projectmanager January 4, 2011, Aegle managed Tony  at KPN / AtosOrigin

Tony is a flexibel man who does understand the projects goals and acts like that. For me it was a pleasure to work with a guy like Tony, flexibel, does have the knowledge and always working to a solution.

 Mieke van Kalker    Implementatie- en Communicatiemanager November 25, 2010, Mieke worked with Tony at KPN / AtosOrigin

Tony is a hard-working, clever colleague. He will continu till he has found the problem, even if this means working at night. He has a lot of technical knowledge and looks further than his own boundaries.

Anita De Wilde   Implementation Manager KPN at Atos November 24, 2010, Anita was Tony’s client

I’ve worked with Tony on several business-critical projects. Tony has excellent technical knowledge and does all it takes to finish the job !

Marcel Schaaphok  Test Environment Manager at Atos Origin September 21, 2009, Marcel worked directly with Tony at Atos/KPN

Tony is NOT a nine to five guy. Is dedicated, friendly and always willing to help you out.

Bert Strijker    Test Analyst at Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) August 17, 2009, Bert worked directly with Tony at KPN / AtosOrigin

I worked with great pleasure with Tony. He is a hard working man, always willing to help you to solve complex problems.

Alex van de Voort   professional holiday / sabbatical August 3, 2009, Alex was Tony’s client

I have had the pleasure working with Tony. During that time I have experienced Tony as a very dedicated IT-professional. He has very indepth knowledge on the system and the processes. In that Tony is very hard in his communication, not only to others but also to himself. Always pushing to deliver the best solution in the shortest time.

Vincent Bos    Projectmanager at KPN February 25, 2009, Vincent was Tony’s client

Tony is a very pro-active, hard-working person and knowledgeable IT consultant. He did an excellent job for a KPN project, at Atos Origin. He is the kind of person you want to have on your team. Tony is always focussed on the goals of the project and helps you managing the project deliveries.


Vincent Nolte   Service Delivery Manager at Cegeka February 23, 2009, Vincent was Tony’s client

Tony is a very pro-active and knowledgeable IT consultant. He did an excellent job on the MCCS Hardware Upgrade project, at Atos Origin. If there were more people like Tony, then a lot less IT projects would fail. He is the kind of person you want on your team: knowledgeable, hard-working, pro-active, smart. And fun to work with. I highly recommend Tony for any Tandem project.  Kind regards, Vincent Nolte.


Gerie Ruiter   Scrum master at ING Nederland February 23, 2009, Gerie worked directly with Tony at ING

Tony is a hard-working person who does not lose the goal of the job. His job attitude is not from 9 till 5, he did a lot of the job at home in his spre time. He will try to improve the current process to make it more efficient. It is an easy going person to work with.

 Mark Wegman   Chief Technology Officer at WCC Smart Search & Match January 7, 2010, Mark managed Tony  at WCC

Tony has a solid technical background, did great work on our technical documentation, and is very knowledgeable on fail-over and redundant architectures. I very much enjoyed our useful brainstorms together.

 Martin van der Graaff   Experienced Software engineer & Unexperienced Philosopher December 25, 2009, Martin worked directly with Tony at WCC

Tony has been a great colleague to work with. He has an optimistic, can-do attitude and a good sense of humor. I highly recommend him.

Jos Minkels September 2, 2009, Jos was Tony’s manager at Rabo Teleservices

Tony works with a high level of reliability. His knowledge and experience are high standard. He is a good team player and a very nice person to work with. He does not give up until he found a solution for a problem and keeps his manager informed at all times.

 Fernando Estarippa   HR recruiter bij JLG Industries, April 6, 2009, Fernando worked directly with Tony at BeaNet (Equens/Interpay)

Ik heb Tony leren kennen als een echte Tandem specialist of HP Non-Stop systeem zoals het tegenwoordig heet. Het bedenken van creatieve oplossingen voor complexe problemen was iets waar Tony zich graag mee bezig houdt. Humor en vakmanschap typeren hem hierbij. Hij betrekt zijn omgeving in de discussie en zorgt in samenwerking voor breed-gedragen oplossingen. Het leveren van oplossingen stopt echter niet bij de realisatie van een programma, maar Tony gaat door tot de opdracht naar tevredenheid van de opdrachtgever is uitgevoerd.l


Joop Verhage   Directeur Casta March 2, 2009, Joop managed Tony  at BeaNet (Equens/Interpay)

Broad work experience, stable and extensive knowledge of the lines of business.  Good judge of human nature, mature judgment and a good amount of common sense, extensive experience in interacting with people and conflict situations.  Partly as a result of his age and extensive experience, across as credible and trustworthy with customers and colleagues.  Loyal, creative and competitive nature.   Tony is a very pro-active, person and knowledgeable IT consultant.  He did an excellent job for “PIN” network environment at Interpay. He is the kind of person you want to have, and not only on your team. Tony is always focussed

 Pradeep Gill  VP Engineering Chase Paymentech December 24, 2009, Pradeep managed Tony  at London Stock Exch

I have known and worked with Tony for number of years on several projects. Tony is an individual that strives to build strong client/agency relationships. He is a leader, a mentor and an expert in the data processing field.


 Gary Saker  ICT Solutions Group Manager at KiwiRail February 27, 2009, Gary was Tony’s manager and client at London Stock Exch

Tony worked for me at The London Stock Exchange. He was a very highly skilled  consultant and he provided Andersen Consulting with an outstanding service  during his time with us. His skills and abilities were  broad and his knowledge of  Tandem Architecture and Personal Computers was extensive. He was a competent,  enthusiastic, and  hard working team  player. He brought many new ideas and practices  to my group and. other less experienced team members gained valuable knowledge  from him. He enjoyed working under pressure, often to very tight deadlines,  and could be relied on to deliver high quality results. His background as  a software developer was invaluable to us.

(update: unfortunately, our friend Gary has since passed away)


Ernie Guerrera  President, NuWave Technologies March 4, 2009, Ernie managed Tony indirectly at Logica NL

I collaborated with Tony at Logica Rotterdam/ Woerden when I visited the Netherlands to work a on technical sales proposal to Rabobank. The proposal included conceptual network architecute for a number of disparate connections, with reliability, constant availibility, and security features typically required for global payments.  Tony brought his in depth Tandem knowledge to the bid process, but he also displayed his ability to quickly absorb  & analyze the client’s information and requirements, and helped us turn that into an impressive proposal. He also demonstrated his appetitive for project planning and costing during this process.  On a personal note, he proved easy to work with, and helped to make  my first visit to the Netherlands a pleasant one


Sandra Johnson  Project Manager at MICROS Systems, Inc April 25, 2009, Sandra worked directly with Tony at Logica NL

I worked with Tony on a Financial Cryptography project, at the Logica offices in Boston, America. Tony was team leader, designer and one of the implementers of the sub-system we developed. He basically led by example, putting in a tremendous amount of hard work, and achieving the tight deadlines that were laid down for us.  Tony was my first team leader and helped me to move to the Netherlands. Although his expectations are high as he aims to deliver quality work on time, he is great to work with, but he is not a great dancer and can’t sing.