Vicorp – Potugal Telecom

Client:          Vicorp International, Utrecht, Holland
Project:        Portugal Telecom Call Wakeup Service
Dates:           Aug 94 / July 95


Computer Telephony Integration




Software design


C programming


Enscibe Database



Worked with VICORP International, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. VICORP were a major international supplier of the BETEX-ESP telephony & telecoms software. While at Vicorp, worked on a project as a designer and developer to supply a BETEX-ESP based system to Portugal Telecom, Lisbon. The system was intended to provide a Semi/Automatic Wake-up Call service, audiotex, voice and fax broadcast, and fax on demand facilities.

 Activities Included

  • Assisted with the production of some of the requirements specifications.
  • Designed and implemented an ‘interface’ task to accept, verify and queue Wake-Up call requests from a remote system via RS232 communication links.
  • Responsible for the design of the dynamic resource management for the system. This allowed automatic periodic on-line, re-allocation of Betex tasks to different service types, making maximum use of available telephone lines. Different line/service configurations could be defined for different hourly periods throughout the day.
  • Implemented the scheduling mechanisms for the resource management. Designed and helped implement a ‘confirmation task’ function.
  • Designed and implemented all of the very complex Enscribe database access routines for the system.
  • Analyzed and documented modules of the core Betex software.

 All of the the systems were developed in C, on Tandem / NonStop Servers