Vircorp – Energis

Client:          Vicorp International, Utrecht, Holland
Project:        Energis (UK)  Call answering
Dates:           Aug 94 / July 95


Computer Telephony Integration


Software design

C programming

X.25 Interface





Worked with VICORP International, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. VICORP are a major international supplier of the BETEX-ESP telephony & telecomms software.

While at Vicorp, worked as a designer/developer on  a project to supply a telephone call answering system for ENERGIS, a newly established English telephone company. Initially worked with the team responsible for that part of the project concerned with building  a software subsystem to facilitate Operator Call Answering & Calling Card Verification Services. This sub-system communicated with 3 external interfaces, including operator workstations on multiple Local Area Networks,  a BETEX call routing subsystem and a calling card verification subsystem.  Personally responsible for completing the design, building, testing and documenting  of various software modules for  handling the  X.25 communications interfaces and primary/secondary routing facilities to interface with multiple LANs/workstations. Also developed complementary extended memory buffering and queue management routines to facilitate the multi-threaded I/O

Assisted a second team on the same project with the debugging and documenting a major ‘state’ driven process which was responsible for call management & routing between an Excel LNX 2000 programmable digital switch and various software components within the system

The host hardware platform is TANDEM fault tolerant computers, running Guardian D20, and all software written in “C”