Beanet TACL Managment Interface

Client:          Beanet ( pre Interpay), Hoofddorp,  Holland
Project:        Operations TACL  based Systems Management
Dates:           Oct 93/ July 94


TACL Programming

System’s Management

Worked with the System’s Management department of BeaNet BV, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

The BeaNet TANDEM/ NonStop network was used for the acquisition and routing of large volumes of EFTPOS transactions for banks, petrol companies and retailers.

Responsible for major design enhancements, re-coding  and documenting of a TACL subsystem for controlling BeaNet’s operational environment. This sub-system, in combination with standard Tandem ( Nonstop)  Software products, was used for the centralized management of 10 networked Tandem (Nonstop) Cyclone systems.

The existing operations interface subsystem, was greatly enhanced and based almost entirely on the use of TACL segment files. It provided a new ‘User Interface’ with the following facilities

  • for configuring Function / Options menus.
  • the facility to control individual operator access to individual functions.
  •  the ability to parameterize any variable aspect of the environment which was being managed (e.g. number and names of systems on the network).
  • It included system event logging.
  • the use of  RMS software release management package to maintain, develop and distribute various system’s & operational management software packages and procedures. Developed TACL functions to automate some release procedures, these were incorporated into the major TACL management interface

 Performed general troubleshooting activities to support both applications developers and system’s management teams.