London Stock Exchange

 Client:    London Stock Exchange / Anderson Consulting
Project:  Technical Services / System’s Management
Dates:    Aug 92 / July 93


TACL  Programming


System’s         Management

Strategy Studies/Reports

Worked with Andersen Consulting at The London Stock Exchange. Was based within the TANDEM section of the Technical Services Group. Responsibilities covered  assisting with systems management tasks in supporting the Exchange’s development and production TANDEM environments for the  International Equities Trades Confirmation Service (SEQUAL)

  • Performing enhancements to TACL and TAL based systems management  software utilities.  Assisted with the re-training of staff on aspects of TANDEM hardware and software.
  • Had a leading role in the commissioning of  new Tandem CYCLONE systems; installing and configuring C30.08 release of the Guardian Operating system.  Helped to set-up a development user-base on the new system, with Novell LAN access via Tandem’s MULTILAN subsystem
  • Networked old and new Tandem systems together using EXPAND running over in house LAN.
  • Provided technical support to the Exchange’s SEQUAL applications development personnel.
  • Co-ordinated and documented a strategy to rationalize the Tandems’ LAN environment and to help track down intermittent TLAM/Novell connectivity problems.
  • Co-authored a proposal for the selection of hardware media for use as high volume long term archive storage.
  • Co-authored a Tandem hardware migration strategy paper.