Rabo Fiatterring OSI Gateway

 Client:   Rabobank, Netherlands
Project:  Fiattering gateway ( OSI communications)
Dates:    May 1988 / Nov 1988



Project Manager

Team leader




I/O  Programming

Low-Level Nonstop design


Worked on a project building an OSI a gateway to allow Rabobank of the Netherlands. This gateway was used to interface their “Interbancair Authorisatie Netwerk” (IAN) application, Bankkart, to the Netherlands central clearing organization, Bankgirocentrale (BGC). The underlying  network was termed the Data Communicatie Infrastructuur (DCI), this was subset of the OSI communications model.

Logica produced the functional, technical and application’s interface specifications. Logica also implemented the gateway, conducted OSI conformance testing with BGC, produced user documentation and collaborated with the client during the integration of their application into the network. The communications aspects of the IAN application message protocol additionally allowed for cryptographic operations to be performed on the data.  A combination of bespoke/manufacturer’s software was used to implement session, transport levels etc.  The bank’s application was provided with a clean inter-process message interface which was free from the complications of session management etc.  The gateway performed it processing in such a way that it was be able to recover sessions and in-flight transactions after any single hardware or software failure.  Events were logged to disk and an operator interface facility allowed the gateway to be monitored. The software is also installed by the Dutch Banks EFT/POS network organization, BeaNet, who use it to link their network to the Bankgirocentrale. The IAN gateway was also used as the basis of a ‘fiattering’ application for the bank.

Was seconded to the project at a mid point, to help overcome some of the non-stop design difficulties that had been encountered, and to provide more senior team leadership support.

Developed memory management routines to handle the large amounts of extended memory used by the system.

Completed the detailed design, coding and testing of the Gateway’s message log archiving subsystem.

Assumed leadership of the team responsible for the Gateway’s central Control and Management process (CMP).  This process was responsible to allocating OSI session slots to inward or outward connections. It would also supervise the restarting and re-assignment of old session connections following failure situations. Personally modified the design of this process to simplify its architecture and make it function correctly under non-stop conditions. Completed the coding and testing of this Non-Stop multi-threaded process. At a later date, in an even more simplified version of the gateway, this functionality of this process became redundant and was not used.

Appointed as project manager during a later phase of enhancements to this Gateway.

All software was developed in TAL, using Tandems OSI/TS and X25AM products.