Oslo Stock Exchange

 Client:   Oslo Stock Exchange
Project:  Fault Tolerant Trading System
Dates:    May 1987 / July 1987



Senior Designer




TAL / Cobol Programming  


Worked as a senior designer on a team developing the detailed specification of a fault tolerant trading system for the Oslo Stock Exchange. The proposed system would consist of 40 IBM PCs, acting as trader terminals, connected via multiple token ring networks to Tandem host which held the central database.  The PCs would acts as the user interfaces and each hold a sub-set of the main data and would communicate with the Tandem when updates needed to be performed.

Was personally responsible for the detailed design and specification of a Tandem based subsystem to perform asynchronous background processing of the various “complex” trader transactions which involved major updates to the Tandem database, utilizing TMF and Pathway. Update requests were to be placed in a queue; the background processing would take complex updates and fragment them into smaller units which would be more effectively managed. The queue management  system ensured that all fragments of a request would be processed in sequence and not superseded.

Personally performed prototyping of this queue management subsystem  using TAL, COBOL,  SCOBOL and PATHWAY.