System’s Manager, Interpay

Client:   Interpay (Equens) Utrecht
Project:  System’s manager, Application Support
Dates:    Oct 2001  /  Oct 2002
System’s Manager

K-S Migration






Tape Robot



Call Centre


MQ Series




Security administration

Worked with  the system’s management team at Credit Card Services (CCS) department of Interpay, Utrecht

The team looked after 3 Compaq Himalaya S-Series systems. These had only recently been migrated from several K series systems. Assisted in completion of any outstanding K-S migration activities.

The Credit card processing application ( CPMS) ran on a 4 cpu S70000 system, running NSK G06.13. A second identical system provided fallback and test facilites, and a third S7400 was used for addition testing/training. All 3 machines could be linked via Expand, over the in-house TCP/IP network. The application ran primarily in Batch mode, but did incorporate a real-time interface for call centre personel to make enquiries on the credit card database.

All system backups, and TMF on-line dumps were done using a 4 drive StorageTek Nearline tape robot. This was configured via TCP/IP, with 2 drives allocated to the Compaq production system and 2 drives to the fallback/test system. Production usage was approximately 160 tapes per day.

Call Centre enquiry screens were managed by an NT broker system, and connected to the S74000 Himalaya databases, and VAX/VMS databases  via a set of  MQ-Series application interfaces, written in Cobol,  over TCP/IP links.  Was responsible for monitoring, supporting, re-configuration and troubleshooting the MQ-Series infra-structure between the the S74000 Himalaya production system and the NT broker.  Also responsible for the setup of similar uitwijk and various test MQ environments on the ‘fallback’ Himalaya  system. Another set of enquiry screens were connect to the S74000 Himalaya database  via a set of RSC processes..

The Credit card processing application ( CPMS) project reduced in scope in June 2002 and the support team was reduced in size from 4 members to one. As the remaining person, Tony was assigned the duties of all other ex-team members.  Overall responsibilities now covered System’s management, Application and Database management, Security administration, daily troubleshooting and out-of-hours stanby.