Rabo File Transfer Manager

Client:   Rabobank, Zeist
Project:  File Transfer Manager
Dates:    March 1998 / Aug 1999



Feasability Study


Connect Direct


Application design




C programming


TACL programming



Completed a Tandem project to design and build an ‘generic’ multi-process automated file transfer interface which will allow a variety of remote clients to exchange various types of data files with the Rabobank’s back office banking systems. Was responsible, alone, for taking the project from feasibility, all the way through to software completion.

The objective of interface was to allow “clients” on a variety of host computers, to transmit files to, and receive files from, the Rabo’s Tandem systems. The physical transfers would be done using underlying communications links running the CONNECT:Direct product from Sterling Commerce. This is a file transfer package which has been implemented on several different hardware platforms.

Performed a feasibility study on the requirement of a software interface to manage file transfers between different remote systems.

Produced a report, identifying several possible architectures for such a software interface. The bank subsequently opted to combine features from all of the different options. It was was decided that the first used of the interface, would be to route  SWIFT payment messages between an IBM mainframe application and a Tandem banking application.

Responsible for the design, programming, and testing of the interface. The software was written in C and a user management Interface and  various test harnesses were developed using TACL.