Rabo Call Center Database API

 Client:   Rabobank Teleservices, Best
Project:  Telebanking / Call Centre CTI interface
Dates:    Aug 1985 / July 1987


Telephone Banking



Voice response



C Programming

TACL Programming


Contracted to work at the Rabobank’s Call Centre, in Best, Holland, on  the development  of the first stage of their ‘Telephone Banking’ / ‘Call Centre’ application on TANDEM hardware, using Betex-ESP telecommunications software.

The system’s software  architecture comprised 2 main applications. The first was the telephony front-end/voice response software (Betex application). The second was the bank’s major Telebanking database application. Both executed on separate TANDEM systems and were assigned their own teams of developers.

Working for the telephony team, was Initially responsible for developing an inter-process API to link between the two major applications, via Inter-Process messages. As part of this work, personally developed a test harness, using TACL and C, to allow both teams of application developers to test independently from each other, using the common code of the API.  This task was completed ahead of schedule, so was assigned additional work to program those Betex User Exits responsible for using the API to communicate with the Telebanking sub-system.  This task was also completed quickly, so was assigned additional work programming that part of the Betex application concerned with accepting and submitting telephone payment requests.