Period Aug 2010 – July 2011
Customer KPN Mobile / AtosOrigin
Environment: Mobile Telecoms, HP NonStop Servers
Role: Architect, Analyst, Designer, Developer, Tester


 Was contacted by Atos to return and resume work as NonStop / MMI Consultant, Mobile Provisioning, end client KPN. This could also be considered as a DevOps role. During this second period, was given total responsiblity for all change requests and architectural investigations involving the MMI application within the KPN infrastructure.

Performed the following activities

  1. MMI application migration onto new NonStop Blade Servers. Extensive testing activities
  2. Impact analysis for modifications to the number porting functionality within MMI
  3. Impact analysis for MMI’s role in KPN’s renewal of their Mobile Network’s HLR’s with new Huwaei Units.
  4. Impact analysis, testing and implementation of M2M functionality in MMI
  5. Impact analysis, testing and implementation of Data Only Pre paid functionality in MMI
  6. Impact analysis, testing and implementation on a Project involving call prioritization
  7. Impact analysis, build and testing on a project implementing a new service provider interface
  8. Supported EAI personnel in implementing new software. Debugged and diagnosed XML message problems that occurred across the updated interface with MMI